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Rubbish Company
Cazz - 2012-11-23 21:19:23
ABSOLUTE RUBBISH COMPANY ... unless your ring sales, you never get a reply, your given an automated pile of rubbish of being 1st in the queue, waited over 16 business days and never got phone, cancelled and still waiting for refund.

motorola defy phone
stevewilliams - 2012-09-23 19:55:11
I have never bothered sending a review before.BUT PLEASE BELIEVE ME AND THE OTHER PEOPLE.
THIS IS A SCAM COMPANY..No one answers the phone.I never recieved my phone ,told i can have my money back.,guess what STILL WAITING...I WISH I HAD SEEN THIS SITE BEFOREHAND.
Fantastic Service
jomal72 - 2012-09-14 15:03:23
I purchased a Samsung camera from Simply Electronics,and then happened upon the reviews I was horrified by the adverse feed back,I thought "oh well serves me right for not checking the reviews"

Much to my surprise the camera arrived within 5 days,I was able to track order through DHL, I think the service provided by Simply Electronics was Fantastic.
So don't always believe the reviews!!!

Simply Electronics
ptperu - 2012-07-03 16:36:42
I wish I had seen these reviews before trying to buy from Simply Electronics.
Tried to buy Nokia X 7 told 3 in stock delivery within 8 working days
Kept mailing them saying where is mobile 1st stock ran out, the told all there new stock was damaged & had been sent back to supplier, then was told issued on 1st in 1st out basis (?), the logistics dept to busy. Each time I was told would I like to cancel my order.
After a month I canceled the order & the reply was if I waited I would get a free gift
If I could score minus stars for this company it would be -10 stars
Ashawed - 2012-06-07 10:06:35
Apologies for the awarded star which of course is wrong and should either not be there or have many minus signs in front of it.

Heading now towards a month's waiting for my money back and still getting the static replies together with "Your refund is being processed" - oh how could we intending customers have been so taken in . . . ?

Any comments within these columns which show favour towards this company I suspect have been planted there by the company's own employees. Below is my latest email to the cheaters:

"Four days ago I was informed that the refund would be credited within the next 7 days and to contact you again if that doesn't occur, now here I am, four days passed and I'm still being told that I should get in touch with you again if it is not refunded within the next 7 days. Your answers are so obviously false and simply static ones to serve the prevailing circumstances for Simply Electronics.

Such cheating and lying is a perfect disgrace. Too, always being available by email or 'phone serves a customer no useful purpose if money is not returned.

What a disgusting company."
Still waiting . . . Don't deal with this company.
Ashawed - 2012-06-05 17:06:56
There should definitely be a method of registering this firm without any quality level star.

Not having received my refund of £1429.95 after weeks following my order cancellation due to non-delivery, and after many emails in an effort to redress the situation, I have been reduced to strongly complaining to this company about its cheating methods as below:

"I find your responses exasperatingly insincere and dishonest. "Do not hesitate to contact us if the funds are not credited back in the next 7 days" is a completely unjustified cheek. Such comment after being subjected to the cheating insincerity of your company with its total lack of honest dealing should be a cause for its shutting down from the internet. It should be made to cease trading. The clever and cunning method employed, using as it does the coercive sway of allegedly cheaper goods when it doesn't then supply on demand, followed by a long lapse of time for any refunded cash to be implemented after a cancelled order is nothing but dishonest business cheating. In the meantime it is using my money for its trading purposes. I hope to see it's business demise in the future."
Cunning & Dishonest
Olespice - 2012-06-05 12:27:33
I have today sent the following words to this organisation:

From what has happened, your assurance is of no consequence to
someone who is having to lose the use of such a large amount of money
over a period of time, and it is a disgraceful, dishonest way to
conduct a business. I cannot believe that Simply Electronics is able
to carry on business in such a way and I will endeavour my utmost to
draw the attention of as many people and organisations as I can to the
way I am being treated.

The cunning, indeed clever way it has its responses arranged with
sweet words and promises so that individuals are easily conned during
a period of time then totally frustrated is something which needs the
attention of authority as well as the public generally and I will hope
to achieve that objective.
Simply Criminal . . . ?
Ashawed - 2012-05-24 19:03:51
To give a star is in itself criminal! Terrible firm. Said they had 4 in stock of Canon XA10 at £1429.95. Later the figure went up to 7 in stock. Meanwhile I'm waiting. Then I'm waiting and concerned. Found this Site. Really bothered. Cancelled the order, ensuring that the video camera had not been dispatched - well, how could it be; they'd already said they'd got difficulties with overload orders!

Like others, I'd had my order raised "for free" to rapid dispatch status. Absolute bull. Still didn't materialise.

Cancelled on the 16th May. As no purchase was involved, I expected a rapid return of my cash. Don't you believe it. Over a week I'm still waiting. In the meantime, their nearest competitor in price from the UK was ready to dispatch the vidcam immediately. So here I am on the 24th May with no sign of my cash return and I'll be without that video camera for my holiday next week.

What puzzles me is, how come this information is at hand - provided you know where to find it - when it should really be handled by eBay, Google and all other parties in a position to stop this retailer's cheating ways.
Goods don't turn up & make promises they don't keep
postiejohn - 2012-05-05 19:32:31
Took my money, same day, for a HTC smart phone saying despatch 2-4 days.

6 days & asked when it would be despatched? No reply.

Customer services number has waiting time of 59 minutes at any time of the day/night.

Wished I had seen this review site b4 wasting my money. Have asked my credit card company to refund the money.

don't trust this company
nick - 2012-04-27 12:36:00
I have cancelled my order of a camera on 7 April (after 2 weeks waiting for delivery) and was informed that a refund will be made shortly (then said up to 2 weeks), but up to now, no refund and no reply was received. I have to ask my credit company to get the money back. Don't trust and buy from this company!!!
don't trust this company
nick - 2012-04-14 22:41:01
You can't trust this company. They will not delieve the goods on the time as show in their website. I wasted 3 weeks to purchase a digiatl camera from this company.
Don\'t buy from this website
nick - 2012-04-14 22:33:23
They took your money very quick and don't delieved on time as promised. Took long time to refund. Just cheating.
gerrymx - 2012-03-25 10:59:11
Still waiting for my mobile phone (£450).....on investigating it seems they (simplyelectronics)have been at this SCAM for yrs.Questions being asked are obvious....."WHY HAVE ADVERTISING TRADING STANDARDS NOT SHUT THEM DOWN?????".
Proffesional web page advertising strange cheap merchandise prices to lure you in?.....Your money is quickly taken from your account......Dodgy email priority"tickets" when you complain?.......left hanging on the phone for hrs ......suddenly being 'disconnected when they dont have an answer to your questions???..........Check out this company on 'YouTube.......its off to the bank for me to see if i can get my money back from these robbing ba....ds.
Pentax Lens
watcha - 2012-03-20 20:03:05
Purchased lens... grey import.. no warranty card in box... tried to return item... bank wouldn't help. e-mails all ignored... at least 5 of them. Avoid like the plague, hongkong based company... but not up front about it. Try onestopdigital... they are also hongkong based, but are open and honest about it.... I paid £10 for a 7 year warranty on the camera lens I purchased from them.... item arrived in 2 days... However... avoid the merchant bankers at simplyelectronics.
Did`nt experience any problems
KevJ - 2012-03-07 11:08:17
I`ve just been reading through some of the horror stories posted regarding Simply Electronics. My previous experience with this firm was in April 2010 when I ordered a Panasonic FZ38 camera. Considering the camera was a new model at that time, Simply Electronics were by far the lowest price, and as I recall, the camera was here within a few days.
I am currently looking to buy a Panasonic TZ20 camera, and Simply Electronics was the first place I looked at to check out the price, however, I`m now having read all the comments, I might reconsider where I make my purchase.
Avoid like a dose of the clap
Jiloppyman - 2012-02-15 09:46:34
Don't buy from this company - you will regret it!!!

On first glance this company appears to be a respectable online retailer based in the UK but this couldn't be father from the truth. The company is based in Hong Kong (they DO NOT despatch from the UK like the website advises) and their call centre isn't their call centre but a generic phone answering company based somewhere in India gusessing from the accent.

I ordered an HTC HD7 16GB Windows phone on 6th December last year as a Christmas present. It took them 7 (business) days to even despatch the phone to me but that isn't where the problems stop. I contacted their customer service team at this point. After waiting on hold for over an hour just to even speak to someone you're presented with someone quite obviously giving you a false name who clearly knows nothing about your order. I was told that my enquiry wasn't valid when asked where my phone was and when I'd receive it and when I asked for the guy's name he refused to give me his surname or let me speak to a manager. After telling him this was unacceptible he hung up on me!

After being fobbed off by them I decided to email their "customer service" team in the hopes of getting a better response but they were just as useless. At this point I cancelled the order and received a confirmation email with a reference number advising that my inquiry would be tackled within the next 24 hours. I've had several email communications with them and you always received an automated response with a unique reference number and a message that you'll be contacted within 24 hours. YOU NEVER ARE!!
They finally acknowledged that I had cancelled the order but 5 days later a courier turns up and tries to deliver the phone. Needless to say I never accepted delivery so the phone was returned to sender.
About 5 days later I received a notification that the phone had been returned to them, checked (found to be in unopened condition) and that they would process a refund shortly. 3 weeks later I was still chasing them for this refund and it took for me to raise a dispute with the credit card company before I finally got my money back - 2.5 months after placing the order.

My experience of this company involves nothing but hassle, uncertainty, dishonesty and frustration. Do yourself a favor and stay well clear of them. I've since reported them to Trading Standards. While they can't close the company down (being based in Hong Kong) they may be able to do something about them selling to UK customers.
Asus Transformer
hogster - 2012-01-05 21:18:07
Very pleased with seller. Item arrived within the week, in full working order and around £60 cheaper than next best price. Would recommend them to friends & family.
Asus Transformer
hogster - 2012-01-05 21:18:07
Very pleased with seller. Item arrived within the week, in full working order and around £60 cheaper than next best price. Would recommend them to friends & family.
Rogue company - do not trust
ewarr - 2011-12-31 16:12:33
I do not normally write reviews but I would not like someone else to go what I went thru' with SE. Ordereded two iPads as Christmas gifts and after numerous emails and calls they delivered only one of the iPads after 6 weeks!! I immediately cancelled the undelivered item but could not get them to refund me the money. I finally got the money back via HSBC after I submitted a 'fraudulent transaction' report. My advise is to keep away from this company as they don't deliver (pun intended)!!
Simply Electronics Olympus SZ-30MR
falcon - 2011-11-09 13:10:29
Bought an Olympus SZ30-MR from Simply Electronics dont make the same mistake as i did as to not believe the reviews!!! The company is true NIGHTMARE!!! said they had 3 in stock (Rubish) they had not even sent mine out and could not say when they would be able to dispatch even ten days later!! and reminded me about 3-8 working days after dispatch i would finally get the item!!mm what they dont say is how many weeks before they post the item !! its suposed to be 2-4 days!! not true!!.

Customer service is a (REAL JOKE!!) they had no answers, neither did they answer the phone! lucky i paid with pay pal and put in a dispute, they then gave me my money back, all this hastle no camera and a real fight just to get my money back i have still got to buy the camera for my holiday, what a disaster this company is!!

My advice is steer well clear of Simply Electronics!!!


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